Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nana's 90th Birthday

We had the honor of recently attending a ninetieth birthday party in Pittsburgh, PA.  We were celebrating Nate's Grandmother on his Mom's side, along with his siblings, his parents, and all the great-grandkids.  It was quite the gathering!

We had a whirlwind trip, packing the travel as well as the festivities into a single weekend.  We all started off excited!

Some of us were more excited than others . . . ;)

We were blessed with a great trip.  It was long, but the kids were fantastic, and our van made it there and back without any issues!  The next day, it was party time.


Although this wasn't a surprise party, it was so fun to see Nana's reaction to the decorations, and everyone waiting in anticipation of her arrival.

Olivia wanted to give Nana a "ballerina birthday hug".

It was so sweet - the kids had drawn pictures for Nana and hung them on the wall.  They matched her rainbow decorations.  :)

My sister-in-law, Dawn, prepared a wonderful birthday dinner for us.  She worked hard!

Finishing all those "last minute" details . . . 

Then it was time for eating, toasting, and merry making.  :)

And the part the kids had all been waiting for - CAKE!

We were so blessed to be able to celebrate Nana, and be together as a family.

This picture makes me laugh.  The kids were extra enthusiastic about pictures.  ;)

And no family gathering would be complete without a big, group shot!

Happy 90th Birthday, Nana!  You sure are loved.  :)

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  1. You did a great job, Amanda! I'm sure the family will be so thankful for all the wonderful memories you were able to capture!