Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Joy

Our Christmas season was a whirlwind this year, but it was very, very special.  This was the first year that the meaning of Advent ("coming") started to make sense for Olivia.  She was asking lots of questions about why we did certain things, and why other things were important.  It made the season so much more purposeful as we tried to really make family traditions and other activities point to that sacred, sweet moment more than 2,000 years ago, when mankind received at long last the Good News that our Savior was born!

We had so much fun!  We had daily Advent readings out of her "Jesus Storybook Bible" after dinner together each night, and hung a special ornament on our tree each day that had a prophecy about the coming Messiah on one side, and the fulfillment of that prophecy on the other side.  This was also our first time having a live tree, and I don't know if we can ever go back!  My heart was so full this Christmas, and I have cherished every memory we made.

Nate had even rigged up our TV to look like a fireplace!  Complete with all the fun, crackling noises.  :)

We all met at the top of the stairs Christmas morning (after my kids slept in until 8:30!!) . . .

The kids' reactions are just priceless.  <3

I love the wonder on their sweet, sleepy faces.

Then it was time to open stockings!

Levi opened his first candy cane, and had no idea what to do with it.  :)  There were some matchbox cars in there too, though!

One of his favorite things of the morning was this book (that didn't quite "fit", but was "in" his stocking) that made a whole bunch of different truck sounds.  He was so impressed!

Even Daddy had something in his stocking!

This is his early morning "I'm excited!" face:

Then it was time for one of my favorite traditions (that my family has held since I was a little girl) where we read the Christmas story together before opening gifts.

Levi was listening, but he didn't quite want to sit on Daddy's lap.  It was too soon to part with his new loved book.  ;)

I just love these three so much . . . 

This was the best part of Christmas for me.

I hope you were able to make some meaningful memories with your family as well this season!  I know Christmas isn't an easy time of year for everyone, but I am thankful that the Lord saw fit to bless us with such a special time this year.  

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