Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snow Day!

There is nothing like a good snow day to renew my love of Winter.  Sitting inside with a cup of coffee, my crochet project, and a good sermon were an excellent way to spend this morning.

We have only had a few measurable snowfalls this Winter here in Iowa, but this one was absolutely perfect snowman building snow!  Olivia has been waiting all season for a chance to build "Olaf" the snowman.  :)  She was elated to wake up this morning to a fresh white wonderland.

I absolutely love being able to feel like I live inside a snow globe - especially when I don't have to go anywhere.  The only disappointment today was that the weather meant missing church, and then of course because it's Super Bowl Sunday, we aren't able to enjoy the company of friends this evening either.

Although Nate's work schedule dictates that he has to work the audit schedule on the first of the month - every month, regardless of holidays, weekends, etc - he is blessed to have the ability to work from home.  Today that was an extra gift!

He took a break for a while this morning to go out and shovel, and the kids went out with him for a few minutes.

This was Levi's first time tromping around in the snow himself, and he absolutely LOVED every minute!

Even after his little cheeks were bright red, and his ankles were all wet, he still cried when we brought him inside.

He kept sticking out his tongue as the snow was swirling through the air, and saying "taste it!"

Then he actually put his mitten in his mouth, and was apparently pretending to "bwush teeph!"

My silly boy.  <3

Olivia is a snow baby at heart.  She is her mother's daughter.  ;)

She just kept running around the yard giggling non-stop.  It was adorable.

Then she wanted to help Levi run with her.  They got a few steps in before he toppled over like a big, blue Weeble.

And of course, no snow day would be complete without Sadie the Wonder Dog . . . 

I think of all of us, she loves the snow the most.  :)  She was helping the neighbor clean up the fallen branches in his yard.

Although, this is her favorite thing to do in the snow.

She's like a big, snow-mole.  She tunnels face first, and then comes up snorting like she's laughing.

I love that dog.  She makes me giggle.

Daddy even came over for a minute to gather up some snow for snowball making.

As of right now, we have between 10-11 inches, and it's still snowing!  The wind is blowing pretty hard too, which makes shoveling an uphill battle.  Despite all that, we have been blessed with a wonderful day of family time.

I am so thankful that my children are able to appreciate the beauty in God's creation - as well as his majesty in the storm.  Olivia and I just recently read the story of Jesus calming the wind and waves out of her "Jesus Storybook Bible", and she was talking about how the wind listened to Jesus' voice, because He was the one who made it.  Precious lessons for a precious girl.

May you be safe and warm today, and if you are somewhere tropical and warm, try not to be jealous.  :)

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