Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Walk In The Park

We are very fortunate to live in an area of town that is within walking distance of several beautiful locations. We happened to take a stroll over to the Brucemore Mansion the other day, and I brought along my trusty camera just in case any opportunities presented themselves.  :)

There are really beautiful flower gardens there that were actually designed by the same person who designed Central Park in NYC!  We were thrilled to discover several Monarchs fluttering around on their way down South.  :)

Look at this girl!  She is growing up before my eyes . . . 

Four going on fourteen.  <3

Exploring the gardens while Peaches hung out with Mama in the stroller. 

I told them to see who could get me first.  I am so. sad. this picture blurred!

This picture makes me giggle.  Pretty much sums them up!  One, prim and proper, and one, not so much.  ;)

When did she get so TALL?

This sweet girl was so happy to be lying outside under the trees.  She LOVES to be outside!

That face melts my heart.

Seriously.  Sometimes I love these kids so much my heart could burst.

These two have really become best friends.

Levi really loves to tell "Lidd-ee-uh" about all kinds of things!

I am so blessed.  <3

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