Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Year of Peaches

I can't even believe that my baby is one year old today!  How time flies . . .

Look at how much she had filled out by two months!  She was our little chubba wubba.  <3

And this is about the time I started calling her "peaches".  Look at that adorable fuzz!

That round little face melts my heart!

I remember this day . . . she would NOT smile for me - no matter how crazy I acted!  haha!

Another serious picture.  I must look weird with a giant black thing in front of my nose.  ;)

This girl NEVER holds still anymore!  I had to call in reinforcements - and then she wanted to go chat with my assistant.  ;)

She also kept wanting to walk over to where her favorite toy was.  :)

She is the sweetest little ray of sunshine for our family.  We just adore her, and are so grateful to God that he chose to gift us with her life!  What a treasure to be tasked with the privilege of raising her up in the Lord!

Happy FIRST Birthday, my sweet little Peaches!

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  1. What a fun series of monthly pictures of your cutie! Happy 1 year! :) -Anna