Friday, October 31, 2014

Ballerina Extraordinaire

With Halloween approaching this year, I asked Olivia if she wanted to dress up in a "Frozen" dress, or a ballerina costume.  She didn't even blink before saying "Ballerina!" hands down.  :)  This is her first year dressing up for "costume day" and she absolutely loved getting some extra special treatment.

She had her hair done up in a "real ballerina bun", and even got to model some of Mommy's sparkly eye make-up, and pink lip gloss.  She felt very grown up and fancy, and I was wondering where my little girl had gone!

She thoroughly enjoyed handing out candy to the kids that stopped by.  :)

Then it was on to waiting for more visitors . . . 

Maybe coloring to pass the time will make it go faster!  (On a ballerina coloring book, of course)

Wednesday evening Olivia got to visit a nursing home with her class from church - and they did a little trick-or-treating!

My sweet girl, who had never done anything like this before was completely bewildered at first.  Especially given the fact that she is so very, very shy - talking to strangers (even sweet elderly people!) was not worth getting some candy.  ;)

She eventually warmed up once she saw her friends expertly holding out bags and buckets, and flashing smiles all around.

It was so fun to bring a little joy to these sweet people - and fun to hear them all commenting on the kids' fun costumes.  Olivia got asked many times if she actually took dance lessons.  :)  I think she felt particularly graceful after that.

Then it was time to head back to the church for the rest of their class time.

The kids all looked so cute!  I think they really had a great time.  They even made little thank you cards for the people at the nursing home to send to them for the candy.   It was sweet!

I think it's safe to say that Olivia enjoyed the special costume MUCH more than she cared about the candy, but it sure was an exciting bonus!  She loves to dress up anytime, so to have a special day that Mommy helped her get extra dolled up was really special to her.

We are so thankful for our sweet & sassy little ballerina.  <3

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