Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Family Memories

We recently got to spend a weekend with my awesome in-laws in Rockford, IL.  They moved into a new house this summer, and it was our first time staying with them in their beautiful new home!  We had such a wonderful time together, and made lots of sweet memories.

I didn't get any pictures of Olivia's time with her Granddad, but she really soaks up all the time he spends spoiling her.  :)  She convinced him to play ring-around-the-rosie with her multiple times, "dance" around the living room, play catch, and one of her favorite things, reading with him in his easy chair.  He even humored her by playing "hide and seek".  It was super cute watching her run around looking for him.  And even funnier when it was her turn to hide . . . :)

She also really enjoyed her time with Nanny - doing puzzles together.

It's so special that she's getting old enough to remember these times with her Grandparents, and really neat for Nate and I to watch her relationships with them develop.

And of course, Levi really enjoyed his time with them too.  He's our little lover, and just likes to do anything with anyone.  :)  He especially enjoyed Nanny's cooking!  Haha!

One of our family traditions since having kids is visiting a local apple orchard with Nanny & Granddad every Fall.  I think Nate and I look forward to it almost as much as the kids!  This year, it was cold and rainy (we even saw snow fly that morning!), but we went anyway, and had a fantastic time.

The kids really love getting to see the farm animals.  This year they had a goat named "Pricklepants"!  Olivia thought that was hilarious!  They also had an area where the kids could feed the goats (through a tube) and Olivia and Levi both got a turn with that.

Edward's Apple Orchard is a really neat place!  They have so much to do and see.  We went on a Saturday, so there was even a live bluegrass band that we got to enjoy!

Levi has recently started talking a whole bunch - and we've learned that one of his favorite things to say (and play with) are "tac-toos" or tractors.  It's the cutest thing!

Daddy is such a kid at heart.  ;)

One of Olivia's favorite things of the day was winding through the maze with Daddy.  He just followed along and let her lead the way.

Olivia had been talking about riding a pony for weeks before we went.  I think she's a little cowgirl at heart!  Levi ended up being kind of timid and only wanted to ride for a few minutes, but Olivia would have ridden all afternoon if she'd been allowed - in spite of the temperatures!

And of course, our visit wasn't complete without a yummy sampling of all the Orchard's offerings!

Levi got his first taste of Edward's famous Apple Doughnuts!

We really had such a great trip.  The kids were completely wiped out by the end of the afternoon, but they have lots of great memories to last them until next Fall!

My handsome boys.  <3

I love my family so much that my heart could burst.  I am so grateful for these precious moments we get to share!  I look forward to Fall every year, and this year has been no exception for wonderful opportunities to make memories.  What kinds of things are you doing with your family this Fall?

Until next time,
Grace and Peace,

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